Study film and learn from world-class experts

Do you want to become a filmmaker or do you simply love films? The Prague Film Institute will take you into a fascinating world of modern technology where you will learn from leading world experts of the film industry. During class the captivating theory is interspersed with practical examples and your own individual creation.  You can attend a standard semestral course of study or learn as much as possible during the summer semester.

Yearlong study of film at a Prague school

If films are your world, if you are interested in special effects (and more) and you wish to take part in filmmaking in the future, you won’t want to miss the opportunity to study at the Prague Film Institute, which has been in the Czech Republic since 1991. Its founders are filmmakers with years of experience which they are eager to share with all curious students. There’s no chance of you getting bored as you take part in various projects, see practical examples and learn from experienced lecturers from across the world. During the year-long study you are going to meet a number of celebrities and famous names of the film industry.

The film school is based in Prague in an extensive complex dating back to the 16th century, a place offering plenty of opportunities. The Barrande cliffs are close by, as is Prague Old Town, both of which are ideal for shooting. The projects you will be working on, however, reach far beyond the confines of our school and you will often get to explore the furthest reaches of the city. We believe that nothing you create is bad, but it can always be even better. Whether you will take part in script writing, shooting, music or film production, every step of the way you will be assisted by experienced lecturers, actors and producers that received awards both here and abroad.

Summer school of film in Prague

If you’re already studying another subject but are attracted to film anyway, you can join a summer course organized by our school. Over a period of two months we will share as much experience from screenwriting, shooting and film environment creation as possible. During the summer skilled lecturers will lead you through the theory and with their help you can turn all the information into practical results. We trust that the experience gained will help you both in private and professional life. Perhaps we will meet on a set one day, making the same film!